Friday, March 11, 2011

Product Review: Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadows

Hi guys! The product review for today is the Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadows. I had this product for a long time and its just lately when I realized how much I love this product and that I have to post a review on it.
At the back of the packaging, it says that:
      - Layer and blend translucent shadows for amazing multi-color luminosity
      - Crease-resistant color glides on smoothly and stays on all day

Basically, it's a palette of creme shadows and comes in a sleek black case. It has four colors of shadows and most of the colors they have has shimmery and metallic finish to it, thus, giving a luminous effect on the skin.
 But then, there are a few colors which has a matte finish. It doesn't come with any applicators so make sure you have your eye brushes or you could just use your fingers (brushes are better if you'd ask me).
It has a creamy consistency and glides on easily when you apply it. It also has a good color pay off. I'll rate its pigmentation at 4/5. :)

I'd say that these shadows are good to use as bases like those paint pots from MAC because its good as a base and at the same time has a color to it. But I won't tell you that these are dupes for paint pots, I just use them kinda like a paint pot. :) I never got any problems on creasing when I'm using this product.

This palette is handy and could fit in your purse or mini makeup bag. Revlon has 12 gorgeous sets of shades to choose from. I'm lucky enough to get 4 sets of it because Revlon here in the Philippines don't sell this kind of shadows. Because its so hot in here in the Philippines, cream shadows was never a hit. Cream shadows use to melt in humid countries. But you can purchase these from, CVS or Walgreens (local drugstore at U.S.) around $4.59 - $ 6.49.

I highly recommend this product because of its crease resistance. Its amazing.  Photos and swatches below!

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710 Not Just Nudes

730 Skinlights


  1. I have been looking for these everywhere here! I've heard a lot of good things about these on YouTube. :)

  2. yeah this product is good! You can also buy these on some local online sellers. They got these on lower prices. :)