Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lotions - Potions for the Skin!

During childhood, I was never a fan of lotions. It always leaves a greasy feeling on my skin. And during summer, it feels "yucky" when I feel those greasy sensation. Lotions are made to nourish the skin, retaining its moisture to help it become supple and smooth to touch. As you all know, there are different brands as well as kinds of lotions, there are the ones for whitening, firming, relaxing (like those aromatheraphy kinds), intensive moisture or those which is formulated for super dry skin. I happen to came across lotions that gave me a satisfying result. I know these lotions are familiar and very common to you. But I was surprised by results it has given me.:) Take a look at them:

First, the Johnson's Body Care Melt Away Stress Daily Calming Lotion. The packaging indicates that it has AROMASOOTHE which helps melt away daily tension and promote better rest at night. It is enriched with chamomile which as we know is best for relaxation and is proven to promote better sleep at night. It also has some hints of lavender and moonflower. Lavender is mostly used for aromatheraphy massage oils to help release tension on the body. I bought this lotion on my local drugstore to see if it really helps ease out body tensions. I was restless every night and sometimes has difficulty in catching some sleep. It cost me P82.00 for a 100mL bottle. This lotion is good. It's not greasy on the skin and the scent of it really relaxes my body. I would highly recommend this product for those who have trouble in sleeping at night like me. It also makes the skin supple and smooth! Smells good too:)

Second, the Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion. January is the coldest month here in the Philippines. I experience over dryness of my hands and heels. I looked for a lotion suitable for my problem and I found this on my local drugstore. It cost me P21.00 for a 25mL bottle. Yes, its a mini size, so you won't have any problem in bringing it with you anywhere. I only use this lotion in my hands and heels. The lotion offers 24 hours of hydration and it has soften my hands and heels on my very first use of it. I would recommend this lotion for those who experience skin over dryness. 

These lotions are amazingly cheap but has great stuffs to offer. Johnson's Lotions are good because they're mild. And I would say that the Calming Lotion as well as the Baby Milk Lotion were my favorites :)
Jergen's has a wide range of lotions to choose from and comes with different sizes to suit your need. So why purchase expensive lotions when you can get the same benefits it offers in cheaper ones? It's time to be practical. Give it a shot guys. :)


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