Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Stress Free!

This past few weeks, I was a total wreck. I was so stressed out. I think I even lost a few pounds. It's hard when you have to take care of so many things and have to think for solutions on your problems with just a little time for thinking. I am thankful that this last Monday night I was able to unwind with the help of my friends Lally and Erika. I was also surprised to figure out that my only way to become stress-free aside from doing makeup (of course!) is by EATING. I noticed I began craving for food, and I started cooking different menus to satisfy those cravings. So, last monday night, I did not cook but we ate at the Cafe Mediterranean, one of those restos you can find at the Alabang Town Center. I was amazed by the flavors of the spices as I dipped the Lamb meat to it. Definitely worth the cost :)

The refillable Iced Tea is definitely a favorite of mine. :)

It's CJ and her mom Ate Chi 

Erika and Lally, the Tag Team partners. :D

The Lamb meal, yea kinda exotic if you'd ask me.

Isn't it tasty? Erika's diggin' the lamb! :)

After eating from the Cafe Mediterranean, we enjoyed a cup of sundae from Dairy Queen and some frap drinks from Starbucks. Yea it's a lot of eating we did but it was fun! Definitely better than a bottle of beer. :)
So stay stress-free by eating! It helps a lot! Enjoy! :)


  1. I haven't had the chance to eat here yet but it looks yummy! :)

  2. yeah you should give it a shot. the lamb is amazing :)