Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Hair!

Oh yes. I was watching Scott Pilgrim VS The World last night and I spotted the leading lady's hair. This character named Ramona Flowers got an attractive hairstyle. The character was played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead and what a gorgeous lady she really is! I was like "WOW" (yeah big letters!) as I watch the movie until the very end. Why? Because Ramona's hair color was changing! And she still looks good on it! haha here take a look!

The first hair color! Yea its purple!

The second is blue!

The last was green!

And she still looks good! I always wanted to have a short hair but was too scared to get my hair cut!
Hah! I got a crush on her! Dammit! :)
You definitely would want to go and check out that movie! The soundtrack's cool too!
OMG I love her! :)


  1. oh its mary winstead! i love her and michael cera too. LOL. downloaded the film's album long time ago.. it totally rocked out my brain cells. love it!

  2. @ iryn: yea the album effin' rocks! Im into 70's style music and I totally loved the songs! Mary Winstead is LOVE! :)