Friday, October 08, 2010


Yesterday I was so disappointed, I dropped my Urban Decay Primer Potion bottle on the floor and...BOOM! That was the end of my UD Primer bottle. It was broken. It had a big crack on the half part that create a big hole, good thing the product inside the bottle did not pour out. I needed to rush and transfer the primer to another container or else its gonna dry out because air could get inside! (It would be such a waste! I don't wanna lose my UD primer! -_-) I tore the bottle and break it into two for me to be able to get the product out of the bottle.  Take a look on this..

These hurts my wallet :(

It sucks!!

 Another good thing is that I have a spare jar, I was able to transfer the primer from the bottle to the jar by using a thin spatula. Oh, thank God my primer was saved. Urban decay, your packaging looks cute but it really sucks! So fragile containers! You should have put the primer on a tube instead! But finally the UD guys decided to create a professional primer that comes in a tube! Thanks for that UD! Now here's my "new" primer in a jar. Haha! Saved! :)

The new jar. :)

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